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Advance Bleach

Bleaching is a cosmetic treatment for lightening the skin and face tone. Bleaching is a very common treatment used by many women and men as well. Everybody wants to have a fair and clear skin tone these days. The basic benefit of bleaching is to lighten the skin tone. Bleaching reduces the melanin level in the skin and makes the skin a shade lighter. The tan is reduced and faded away after using bleach. The dirt and dark layer is reduced with regular bleaching.

Bleaching has a good effect on the skin which is giving a glow to the skin. When the skin is bleached, it becomes a tone light and also gets a glow. The face and skin shine and look young and fresh. The skin glows and rejuvenates after the skin is bleached regularly. Bleaching has an advantage of reducing the dark spots or pigmentation from the skin. After bleaching the skin, the texture of the skin is enhanced and revitalized. The skin becomes soft and smooth after using bleach. So hurry up book your session now.


Glowing Facials

It provides deep cleansing to your skin. In our rushed schedule, we end up skipping intensive cleansing — facial treatment helps you here.

Steam during the facial, opens the skin pores which is essential for the skin to breathe easy.

Scrubbing removes the dead cells from your skin and also removes white-heads.

Removal of white-heads and black heads ensures removal of blockage in skin pores.

Facial massage is essential for better blood circulation for the skin and relaxes you.

Face mask are essential for making the face skin bright, firm and soft.

Facial makes you comfort as it is a good 45 minutes uninterrupted pampering for yourself in the busy routines also, facial helps your eyes rejuvenate too

It not only de-stresses you but also makes your skin glow from the impact of weather on you.